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Commercial Zipline-Building Services

Commercial Zipline-Building Services

At Skyline, our commercial zipline builders are among the most experienced in the industry. We’ve built zipline courses around the world, and we are constantly looking to improve our innovation and safety. Turning your vision into reality is a multi-step process that we have been providing our clients for over 15 years. We can help answer your questions, having over a decade of experience building ziplines for amusement parks, resorts, youth camps, and other sites we have developed a very broad portfolio that speaks for itself.

How Much Does a Commercial Zipline Cost?

A lot goes into building a zipline course. Since we design and engineer every course to the client’s needs, the ultimate investment will vary based on several factors. These include the type of equipment selected, the size of the course, fabrication costs, pre-fabrication, construction, installation, training, and support.

What Do Your Services Include?

Our process starts with site discovery when we evaluate various aspects of your site. This helps with logistics and maximizes value and profitability. Our zipline design stage includes drafting a proposal, site-specific cashflow, feasibility study, drone pre-flight overview, and schematic drawings. We do these site-discovery visits to determine a course design, determine the logisitical challenges, and the feasibility of the site. Next, our engineers perform a feasibility study and use precise calculations to determine optimal braking, dampening, and cable specifications.

We employ the highest standards of zipline fabrication, and we manufacture all parts in our machine shop, allowing us to meet exact design specifications while maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the entire process. We rely on competent project management and stick to our estimated timeline and budget so you don’t have to worry about unforeseen costs. From safety testing to minimizing environmental impact, we cover all our bases.

What Is the Best Cable to Use for a Zipline?

Length, rider velocity, kinetic forces, local wind conditions, and structural variables impact the type of cable used. At Skyline Ziplines, we use a wide variety of cables from two suppliers depending on the site. Our cable sizes vary from compacted 1/2” to 7/8”. The cable we work with are three times thicker than conventional ziplines. Our cable is sized to support higher loads, tensions, and speeds. While most zipline cables last only two years, our skyTECH system cables can last as long as 15 years!

What’s Different About the Technology You Use?

When you hire us to build a commercial zip line, the latest technology is employed to maximize performance, reliability, and safety. Our skyTECH systems include only DOSH-approved devices, such as the skyTECH Twin-Harness, skyTECH Launcher, skyTECH Rocket zipline trolley, and skyTECH Catch Block braking system. We use various distributor products that allow riders to travel safely at high velocities with an exhilarating free-fall sensation.

Let Skyline Ziplines Design, Build, and Install Your Commercial Zipline

Compared to other commercial zipline builders, we excel at every level. Our professional builders are committed to the highest quality of craftsmanship, safety, and experience. To learn more about our process and capabilities, call us directly at 604-905-4149.

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