Hawaii’s Longest Zipline Experience

Hawaii is known for its warm weather, amazing beaches, tropical jungles, and unbeatable surfing. The vacations people take to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii can consist of anything from hiking, biking, surfing to diving. The newest attraction on the island of Kauai is ziplining.

Kauai in all it's beauty


Kauai is known for its rugged and beautiful landscapes. The island is extremely jagged, full of cliffs, waterfalls, and jungles that, when explored, submerge every visitor into nature. What the islands provide in terms of the raw landscape is contradicted by the people and the islands' demeanor. The people of Kauai are some of the nicest you can find; with laid-back locals willing to welcome anyone into their culture and way of life, it is a truly amazing opportunity and experience.

Kauai Outfitters

Kauai Outfitters is the island's best adventure facilitator. The fine folks at Kauai Outfitters offer canoe, kayak, safari adventure tours, and zipline tours. The adventures offered by the trained guides take you through the jungle, past waterfalls, up over mountains, and flying down above the jungle, providing unexplainable views of the island’s best sights. With these views from Kauai Outfitters, they set out to build a zipline course that will get anybody’s adrenaline pumping, building Hawaii's biggest zip line was a clear goal. With four different tours, the zipline adventure will give views of the pacific ocean bringing great times to all guests allowing them a safe zipline experience.

Kauai Outfitters Hawaii zipline experience

Hawaii Ziplines

The zipline courses offered by Kauai Outfitters include Hawaii’s longest zipline. The ride takes you down over a kilometer of line, reaching speeds up to 100km/h, flying in the unique prone position to fly like superman. The highly recommended side-by-side ziplines are also a great experience with panoramic views at Kauai Outfitters.

Kauai’s Mega Zipline Build

The mega zipline build at Kauai Outfitters was an exciting project. The project became Hawaii’s longest zip line. The implementation of specific measures in the engineering phase of the zipline build was used by Skyline technicians to account for rider swing during deceleration. The braking system consists of a combination of ZipStop configurations and a Skyline spring-brake EAD (Emergency Arrest Device). The braking system utilizes rope and multiple pulleys to create a braking advantage, meaning riders experience a much more gradual stop at landing. However, this requires a lot of rope and that can lead to entanglements. Skyline has solved this problem by only running a single length of rope out to the catch block while installing the rest in a vertical arrangement, out of the way of the braking zone. In addition to the reduction of entanglement possibility, the braking system automatically resets upon completion of the ride, creating extra redundancies and minimizing human error.

The view on a Hawaii zipline experience.

Kauai Outfitters Megazipline Tower

The design, fabrication, and installation of the tower for Kauai Outfitters Flyline was an exciting project in itself. The tower design met the requirement for a 20-meter tall structure that could withstand the harsh pacific weather in Hawaii. The engineers at Skyline used a two-post I-beam tower design to ensure the smallest environmental impact during installation and operation. Once the tower was assembled and installed, it was painted green to ensure it blended seamlessly into the surrounding environment, providing a natural zipline experience.

Hawaii Mega Zipline tower.