Skyline Launches Their New Online Shop

With years of zipline design, engineering, and fabrication, Skyline is bringing to you a B2B platform for all your Zipline, freefall, and challenge course needs. With all skyTECH products available on the new shop platform, you can order and purchase any ziplining technologies you may need.

safe launch for zipline design

Purchase Zipline Designed Launch Systems

In our b2b, you can purchase zipline launch systems. The skyTECH launcher and the skyTECH E-Launcher are both available for purchase. The launchers will give your starting anchor a safe release for riders on their flying journey.

Harnesses Designed For Ziplines

SkyTECH harnesses are the industry-leading zip line harnesses. The twin harness has been DOSH approved and has a D ring attachment point for additional security. Each of the harnesses available is purpose-built and designed for ziplines. Check out seated and prone harness options here.

Zipline Trolleys

All of skyTECH’s trolleys work with cable tension between two anchor points. The three types of zipline trolleys we use are the skyTECH Rocket, skyTECH turbine, and skyTECH M8. Each has its own specific use. The M8 is for extreme speeds over 120km/h, and the skyTECH rocket works in both seated and prone flying orientations. All trolleys have composite wheels for a smooth, quiet ride ensuring a thrilling experience for your client.

Purpose built zipline trolley

SkyTECH Brake Systems

The skyTECH braking systems are available on the website and ready to ship. For all your zipline design needs, Skyline provides brake systems that will work with any zipline configuration. We use four different braking products depending on the demands of the site. All braking systems must have an EAD (Emergency Arrest Device), a primary, and a secondary brake to create multiple redundancies to ensure safety. The braking systems do not include brake catch blocks. The systems use spring brakes, a spring brake crash pad, and advanced magnetic technology to bring riders to a smooth, safe stop.

Zipline Designed Brake Blocks

An integral part of zipline braking systems is the brake catch blocks. The brake catch blocks secure the rider at the end of their journey. Every time a rider goes down a zipline, the catch block must catch the trolley keeping the rider at the termination point of the zipline. Without catchers, there is the risk a rider will bounce back into the center of the zipline, unable to get to the end anchor point, requiring staff to rescue the client. For stock and pricing, you can check out our shop to prepare for your next zipline build.

Zipline Brake blocks

The Safe Launch Package

The Safe Launch package is integral in new zipline designs and builds. In addition to the necessity of the Safe Launch package for a new build, it can be added to old zipline builds. The patented Safe Launch system comes with an electronic launch mechanism, electromagnetic gates, the safe brake system, and Safe Launch 2.0. With the use of RFID sensors and Safe Launch's PLC (programable logic controller), skyTECH makes the safest possible zipline experience. The Safe Launch E-Launcher is also available separately from the system in our online shop.

Safe Launch is designed to keep ziplines safe.