What is Skyline? Pioneering an industry -- Part 1

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

suspension bridge in snow

Skyline Ziplines is the worlds’ premier zipline builder. Based out of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, our company was created in 2004 out of an industry wide need for lower operating costs and higher safety standards. We supply the entire value chain for ziplines from surveying, logistics, and design, to engineering, construction, training, equipment procurement, and daily operations.

Our History

Starting as an alpine adventure destination, we would provide motorized rentals of all sorts including ATVs, snowmobiles, Hummer rides, and other outdoor activities like snowshoeing, dog-sledding, and hiking.

The company was thriving until much dismay when the financial crisis of 2007 hit, decreasing tourism traffic in the region. The company had to deal with accumulated operating costs from the high maintenance motorized activities and was left to think about the future.

Skyline Ziplines

New Beginnings

After having dealt with the operating costs of high maintenance activities, our founder, Kevin Smith, had the brilliant idea of constructing a zipline. Not only do ziplines provide a drastic reduction in operating costs, but they are perfect for eliminating the carbon footprint from gas powered rentals. The zipline became a dependable source of revenue with profit margins growing every day, a massive success!

Safety First

Most destination resorts with ziplines utilized low tension cables rigged in tree canopies with a leather glove used as a hand-brake. A high-risk and dangerous operation for such short, slow, and dangerous experience. Similar systems are still in operation and cause injuries world-wide to this day.

Skyline would have nothing to do with such an unprofessional and dangerous system. We engineered high tension cable systems, patented trolley designs with harnessing, and leverage state of the art braking systems to create a safe, high speed, adrenaline fuelled experience. After this, we went global.

Zipline Snow

Going Global

After we proved the system and our patented technologies in the field, the requests started rolling in to construct similar systems in other exotic tourist destinations. Over the past 15 years, we’ve installed over 500,000ft. of zipline cable and built some of the world’s most renowned ziplines in places like Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Dominican Republic, and the list goes on. We’ve also had the pleasure to build in some famed National Parks including Mt. Rushmore National Park, Washington; Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona; and Yellowstone National Park, California.

Its thanks to the great partners we’ve built for that allow us to create a safer and more thrilling experience for everyone around the world.

Thanks for reading! This concludes part 1 of our series, stay tuned to learn more about our technology, and how we’ve revolutionized the eco-tourism industry.