What is Skyline? Pioneering an Industry — Part 2

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Over the past 16 years Skyline Ziplines has outfitted locations with over 500,000' of zipline cable. Thanks to our patented technologies and engineered systems, we have made a reliable product and replicate itself in over 50 countries world wide. In this post we will provide a deeper understanding into our technologies and how they’ve revolutionized the global eco-tourism industry. 

The Trend Towards Ziplines

There are a few key components that satisfy the average eco-tourists expectations; a stunning location, cultural interest, and an unforgettable experience. Destination resorts and entertainment centres are always seeking to perfect this formula. This has led them to try all combinations of new attractions and site renditions. By leveraging local topography in a sustainable manner, site owners can market numerous eco-tourist focused activities in the effort to create a healthy profit-margin. The activities started at hiking and kayaking and evolved into white-water kayaking, motorized vehicle tours, and eventually tree-top rope and challenge courses. Every new activity is aimed at providing a more exciting experience to bring in a large client base. 

One of the most sustainable and profitable of the bunch started as tree-top rope and challenge course. They offered tourists the opportunity to experience the local landscape in an elevated and interactive way. They maintain minimal maintenance costs and are widely available for most locations. They eventually evolved into tree-top canopy tours which is a combination of rope courses and small, low-tension ziplines. Over time, the novelty has wore off and tourists are now looking to the small percentage of commercial-sized ziplines for high speeds and expansive views. This is where Skyline gained traction and began to thrive. 

Dragon's Breath Zipline manufactured by Skyline Ziplines in Labadee, Haiti and averaging 900 riders per day

Sustainable Construction

When looking to incorporate a sustainable attraction at a location and maintain longevity of the proposed system, sustainability must be accounted for in every step of the process. At Skyline, we assist our clients in finding the optimal areas for construction that grant uninterrupted operation to existing attractions. To avoid any degradation to the land and natural beauty of a location, our custom designs leverage minimally invasive installation methods to preserve the surrounding land and green space.

Skyline Ziplines skyTECH Eco-Tower zipline structure

This all starts with our skyTECH Eco-Tower structures that consist of a unique two-post design that is a big step in the evolution of zipline structure and remains ahead of the competition. The design consists of two vertical posts that serve as the primary connection points for the main zipline cables, the overhead brake lines, and the anchoring system; while also supporting the main deck, handrails, and stairs. The two posts have a small combined footprint of 4.5 ft2 that can be anchored to concrete piers, existing geological features, or a concrete footing. 

The small footprint of the structure is the most compact coverage in the industry and remains environmentally friendly. In addition, the Eco-Tower is economical to build, can be fabricated anywhere in the world, and boasts a modular design that allows for simple shipping and assembly. Furthermore, the steel towers can be painted any color in order to blend into the surrounding environments, providing the professional touch that clients look for in a zipline operation.

Sustainable Operation

After a successful installation, the sustainability must flow throughout the operation of the zipline system. This includes minimal maintenance on the system itself and all line components. 

The line components consist of the Launcher, Trolley, harness, Catch Block, and Spring Bank which is a sequence of springs varying in stiffness and spring spacers. 

The skyTECH Launcher is an ASTM and DOSH APPROVED zipline launch device engineered to rapidly setup and release flyers under load when 100% ready. This industry first is designed to work with the skyTECH Rocket, Rocket Prone, and M8 (Magnetic Trolley). The skyTECH Launcher allows operators to experience greatly enhanced safety with reduced chances of guide error. Operators who run dual cables see the most advantages as only one guide is needed to launch two flyers at the same time. This lowers staffing costs, whilst increasing throughput speed equating to increased volumes, and increased profits. The robust anodized steel construction with stainless steel and aluminum components ensure the product will last for years to come. The lubricated mechanism and high-weather resistance enable year-round operation with a very low annual maintenance cost. The installation of a skyTECH Launcher eliminates the need for constructing expensive launch prevention gates which are a standard in the industry. An important note is that all participants have a secondary tether attached to the structure until the moment of launch.