Zipline design: Japan’s Biggest Zipline to Date

Updated: Feb 11

The act of flying is like no other. A select few ever get to feel the true pure sensation of actually flying. These experiences are for the crazy wild men and women who skydive, base jump, bungee jump, and speed fly. The act of flying over mountainsides, through ravines, and out over the aprons of the steepest mountains is crazy. These death-defying stunts give endorphins that produce feelings that some would refer to as the best feeling in the world and the only way to feel truly alive. But, what if you can experience all of these benefits of flying without the extreme risk and in a family-friendly fun environment? If you would like to go on a ride that offers these sensations, you are in luck! Hanazono Resort in Japan has built Japan’s biggest zipline.

Niseko in the distance of the zipline design.

Hanazono Niseko

Hanazono resort in Niseko, Japan is on the northernmost Island of Japan Hokkaido. Hanazono boasts world-class skiing and record-breaking snowfall almost yearly. The slopes attract millions of visitors every year to experience the culture, the skiing, the mountain views, and the long list of activities Hanazono offers. In 2021 the resort underwent a massive renovation and remodeling, bringing new lifts, infrastructure, and a new wonder gondola. These additions bring new potential for access to the surrounding mountains in Niseko. Many views of the volcanic mountain ranges bring awe to guests visiting from all over the world.

Hanazono train station

Hanazono Zipline Design

Included in the renovations and development of the Hanazono resort, they have installed a new adventure course. The adventure course includes two zip lines and one megazipline. The design process that went into putting this course together was extensive. Many factors were analyzed to maximize safety, fun, and throughput. Skyline Ziplines went through the whole zip line design process from site discovery through construction and installation, taking everything into account and engineering the best product possible. The zip line cable sag between anchor points was designed and engineered to stand any mountain conditions. In addition, Skyline calculated the correct cable tension to ensure the braking system works correctly and the best flying experience is available.

Zip line design finishing up in Japan

Japan’s Longest Zipline Design

Skyline's adventure course build also included Japan’s longest zipline, a 1.8km mega zipline that reaches speeds up to 110 km/h. Accessible by chairlift, the zipline takes you down a valley to Niseko at the termination point of the mega zipline. The design of this mega zip took many factors into account, such as structural force analysis, rider velocities and kinetic forces, crosswind, headwind, tailwind studies, and calculations to ensure the correct cable tension for snow build-up. All of these aspects culminate into the safest zipline build possible, ensuring the client's safety while experiencing the death-defying flying sensations you would get as a squirrel suit flyer.

Japan's longest zipline experience

Skyline Ziplines Adventure Course Design

The adventure course designed, engineered, and installed by Skyline Ziplines will take riders through an experience of a lifetime flying through trees around the volcanic mountains of Niseko. The course takes you for an hour and a half guided tour through the surrounding mountains designed to maximize space, flying time, and unforgettable views. To finish the tour, riders experience Japan’s biggest zipline flying back to the village of Niseko. Experience the adventure course yourself at Hokkaido resort.