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Commercial Zipline Inspection

Annual zipline course inspections are paramount for safety (required more frequently depending on site usage). Skyline conducts ACCT-accredited safety inspections to determine site safety and effectiveness. A zipline system has many moving parts and, given safety factors like height, stability, and speed, among others, our certified inspectors can ensure peace of mind for facility owners and riders.

Skyline’s inspection services include:

  • Hands-On Inspections of EVERY Course Element​
  • Inspection of Documentation Material​
  • Inspection of All Equipment
  • Safety Equipment Inventory​
  • Written Course Inspection Report

Always Focused on Safety

We typically use only high-strength, large-diameter galvanized steel cable for our build, ensuring maximum strength and lifespan in tough conditions. Corrosion-resistant and able to last up to 15 years, cables still wear out over time. Inspecting the cable can help us determine its condition, strength, and flexibility over time. Processes like NDT (non-destructive testing) and MRT (magnetic rope testing) are suggested by Skyline inspectors depending on your site’s location, throughput, and physical properties to ensure your cable is in healthy condition.

Our inspection process also includes examining the dual point attachments of the skyTECH Twin-Harnesses and the integrity and load-strength of the skyTECH Launcher. High-speed trolleys must withstand high-velocity impacts while keeping riders aligned and facing forward. Inspecting parts such as polyurethane sheaves, bearings, and impact plates helps determine the overall safety of the system and when a replacement will be needed.

Traveling at high speeds requires reliable braking equipment. That’s why we inspect the skyTECH Catch Blocks, and all other braking components, in close detail to ensure all hardware is in peak condition and rubber bumpers are able to absorb high-speed  impacts.

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