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Designing and building a zip line requires a vision and the expertise to accompany it. At Skyline Ziplines, we work with our clients’ vision to create a unique, fully functional, and safe experience.

A lot goes into building zipline systems, which in the simplest form are two points with a cable stretched in between. Our synopsis of how to build a zipline will help you understand the process, but it is not intended to teach the layperson how to do it; that would be unsafe as zipline construction should only be done by a professional.

Based on our experience of building the world’s most profitable zip lines that provide thrilling experiences, low maintenance, and a great return on investment we will now explain our unique process. It is this process that enables ziplines to be safely built and operated around canyons, rivers, ski hills, waterfalls, beaches, zoos, and the world’s greatest waterparks.

There are many factors to consider in the design phase. Speed is one of them. People love to go fast but it takes engineering proficiency to know how cable slope, rider weight, trolley design, and weather conditions will affect the rider experience as well as the speed. The demand for longer stretches of travel and higher locations adds additional challenges when building a zipline.

First, our team inspects your site to determine key design elements, such as feasible departure and arrival locations along with the logistical challenges that lie within the region and country. The slope and other features of the course will be identified and determined whether or not the site makes logistical sense as well as if it has the potential to be a profitable business that will provide you with a prompt ROI. Once we have completed the site visit and the proposal has been approved we commence fabrication. Applying our skyTECH technology to choose the appropriate harnesses, launchers, trolleys, cables, braking components, and distributors for the zipline. Once the design, engineering, and fabrication are complete, we proceed with the construction and installation.

Completion timelines vary based on the nature of the project. In addition to knowing how to build a zipline, we test each piece of equipment and provide training and support so your staff can operate it effectively and safely once the building process has been completed. We also perform ACCT- accredited annual safety inspections covering every element of your zipline course.

If you want to know more about our process, discuss your vision, or schedule a site survey, contact us today.

Learn about our start-to-finish zipline planning & design process.

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Engineering

Once designed, zipline construction begins. We jump into action preparing sites, building structures & testing ziplines.

  • Fabrication
  • Construction & Installation

Once builds are complete, we continue to support every aspect of your new zipline operation.

  • Training, Support & Operations
  • Ziipline Safety Inspections

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