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Mega Zipline

Mega Zipline

When it comes to ziplines, many of our clients choose to go big. The mega zipline has become a thrilling phenomenon as the technologies have advanced and with the desire for more speed, distance, and height (these large ziplines include any length over 1 kilometer, or just over half a mile).

At Skyline Ziplines, we install braking systems that can operate at up to 70 miles per hour, stretch up to 6,600 feet long (2km), and suspend riders over 500 feet above the ground. In total, we’ve strung more than 500,000 feet of zipline cable across the globe!

The skyTECH System supports mega zipline construction and includes steel cable that ranges from ⅜” to ⅞” thick. This can be up to 3x thicker than what is used in conventional ziplines and is one of the thickest cables used in the industry.

To further maximize safety, the cable sag gets measured with our maximum flyer weight (275lbs) mid span and analyzed during the engineering phase for distance tolerances, accuracy and cable reliability. Other premium features of the skyTECH System include:

skyTECH Launcher
Engineered to release riders only when the system is 100% ready, reducing the risk of accidental departure by 90%. Its robust construction consists of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The mechanism is fully lubricated and resistant to extreme weather, so ziplines can be operated year-round.

skyTECH Rocket
The fastest commercial trolley, it can reach speeds of 75 miles per hour. Its anodized aluminum construction enables it to last up to five years. This durability is achieved using high-speed polyurethane seaves with sealed bearings, which eliminate metal friction and allow for quiet operation. Double riveted impact plates withstand impact forces at maximum velocity.

Skyline uses Head Rush distributor products that allow for an exhilarating freefall sensation with the protection of magnetic braking. These include the ZipStop – Self-Regulating Magnetic Zipline Brake and freefall devices like Flight Line, QuickFlight, and Quick Jump.

Safe Launch is an electronically controlled system that eliminates operator errors and the risk of rider injury. Multiple mechanical, visual, and electronic safety protocols are included.

The electronic safe launching mechanism includes magnetic gates on the launching side of the take-off tower. These open only after the brakes are reset and the landing deck is cleared.

Using an RFID or proximity sensor, the Zipline Safe Brake system monitors conditions. And if the brake isn’t reset, the launch device is disabled and operators are provided with a visual notification, ensuring the safety of the rider.

Site Selection
Over many years of experience, we’ve developed the ability to analyze the feasibility of any zipline project and its potential success. There are many variables to consider, as each site is unique.

Our team can assess various aspects of logistics and profitability to determine whether a zipline tour feature is practical for any facility. A mega zipline is an investment, so we want to make sure attendance, nearby attractions, annual/seasonal use, other on-site activities, and usable pre-existing structures make the project feasible.

Our Mega Ziplines
Skyline has successfully designed, engineered, and built mega ziplines in the United States, Canada, and around the world, including the following locations:

  • Tyrolena, Spain
  • Labadee RCCL, Haiti
  • San Diego Zoo, California, USA
  • Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Horseshoe Ranch, Arkansas, USA
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Outfitters Kauai, Kauai, Hawaii
  • Cougar Mountain, Whistler, Canada
  • Calgary Olympic Park Zipline, Calgary, Canada
  • Glorietta Camp, New Mexico, USA
  • La Jolla, California, USA
  • Grand Canyone West, Grand Canyon, USA
  • Young Life Camp, North Carolina, USA
  • Young Life Camp, Princeton, Canada
  • Hanazono Zipline, Japan (Longest tour in Asia)
  • Megazipline, Iceland

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