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Ziplines have become one of the top eco-adventure solutions to creating a thrilling and unique guest experience with high-profit margins. Continue reading to learn how Skyline has curated ziplines to meet the needs of various resorts and entertainment centers worldwide, no matter the destination.

  • Ski Resorts
    • Given the existing slope of a ski hill, there is often a minimal amount of infrastructure required to add slope with towers and meet tight clearance envelopes and line gradients. Logistically, ski hills also see improved throughput and guest satisfaction since chair lifts can transport guests to the top, where they can then make a timely descent. This eliminates the need to spend extra capital on other transport methods such as ATVs and UTVs, as seen at other locations. Ski resorts often utilize ziplines to attract guests during the off-seasons as they provide expansive views of forested and mountainous areas. Ziplines can also be fitted for winter operation for a refreshing guest experience.
  • Amusement & Water Parks​
  • Zoos & Family Entertainment Centres
  • Resorts
  • Other

Skyline Partnerships

We not only supply design, engineering, technology, construction, training, and inspection support but often take part in the financing and theming of our zipline operations.

Skyline often takes an ownership position and supplies financing, marketing and operational support. A common partnership structure with our clients is a joint venture on a 5-year buy-out plan which is often accelerated to 2-3 years given the high-profit margin potential of our systems. As a team, we deliver the whole package from idea phase to operation phase – a collaboration between the business brains and the technical hands. We bring together a dedicated, professional team committed to building and operating the highest quality eco-adventure experience. This brings enhanced operational oversight that translates into higher revenues and increased profits. Get in touch with us today to discuss our partnership options.

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