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Zipline Fabrication

Our experienced team possesses superior dedication and expertise when it comes to zipline construction. We also employ the most reliable zipline fabrication process on the planet, adhering to all applicable standards and maintaining the most stringent quality control processes possible. That is why amusement parks, camps, and other zipline sites across the globe count on Skyline Ziplines to manage their projects from start to finish.

The Process

Once the designs have been finalized and engineering specifications have been produced, we begin fabricating the individual parts of the zipline systems. We build all our parts in-house. Components are engineered, tested and produced to the highest standards within our machine shop. Every system must meet our strict quality standards before we approve it to be dispatched and sent to the site.
Our professional zipline course builders are trained in the latest, safest, and most cost-effective fabrication methods. All aspects of each zipline course are fabricated to exact design specifications. Our manufacturing expertise is second to none when it comes to skyline towers, platforms, and supporting equipment. In fact, we’ve set new industry standards with no compromise on end-user experience, safety, and the profit of commercial operators in 22 countries

Why We’re the Best

Skyline has been regarded as a leading zipline company not only for our expertise and quality control process but our innovative patented technologies, including the skyTECH System. The system incorporates the only DOSH-approved zipline harnesses, launchers, trolleys, and braking equipment. In addition to pioneering these zipline components, get to know why we are one of the most trusted names within the industry:

  • Skyline’s patented zipline course technology is fabricated in Canada.
  • Skyline’s towers and platforms are engineered in Canada and the USA (built on site).
  • Skyline’s equipment and structures surpass ACCT safety standards and have certified engineered stamps.
  • Skyline chooses specific products for usage within our equipment because its quality enhances our craftsmanship.
  • Skyline submits to Canadian Z98 Ropeway Standards, CSA, and TSSA Standards providing the safest yet most thrilling, cost-effective, longest-lasting and profitable solutions currently available on the global zipline market.

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