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Zipline Engineering

As a leader in the global zipline market, our zipline equipment engineering department has proven itself time and time again with unprecedented quality, reliability and value. We provide the most universal zipline engineering solutions because we understand ziplines. We know that every zipline application is different and the engineering challenges change dramatically between launching off resort rooftops, cliffs, or traditional platforms.

Skyline Zipline engineers begin with a technical feasibility study before getting down to the serious nuts and bolts of the zipline structural engineering and platform construction:

  • Structural force analysis
  • Rider velocities & kinetic forces
  • Studies on crosswinds, tailwinds & headwinds
  • Cable specifications, tensions & safety margins
  • Secondary braking & dampening calculations
  • Recommended trolleys, catch blocks & Harnesses
  • Site specific operations & maintenance manuals
  • Throughput analysis

Every Skyline Zipline submits to Canadian Z98 Ropeway Standards, CSA & TSSA Standards providing the safest yet most thrilling, cost effective, longest lasting and profitable zipline equipment engineering solutions available in the global zipline market to date!

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