4 New Zipline Builds by Skyline Ziplines

Updated: Feb 11

Over the past couple of months, everyone at Skyline has been super busy designing, engineering, and installing new zipline attractions all over the world. Through covid-19, we had several significant delays and setbacks. However, we are here to share some success stories that we have had over the past few months. We have successfully started and are in the process of completing four zipline builds. The locations of these builds are Iceland, California, Japan, and Arizona.

Zipline building finished.

Zipline Building in Iceland

The island country of Iceland is in the north end of the Atlantic ocean, perched beside its larger colder counterpart Greenland. Iceland is known for its beautiful landscapes, geothermal natural hot pools, awe-inspiring hiking, and the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights). With tourism supplying the economy with 30% of the annual GDP, it seemed only fitting to help Mega Zipline Iceland bring their high-flying dreams to fruition with the erection of the biggest zipline in Iceland. The single segment parallel megazipline will be in Hveragerði, with options for seated and superman flying positions. The mega zipline kit will allow riders to travel up to 80 km/h through the expansive landscape of Iceland. This is no back yard zipline, with a crazy 4x4 tour up ⅔ of the hill and a 150m scenic walk beside a raging river. Once you get to the top, you have the option for a quick freefall jump to get an adrenaline rush to start the day or, you can stay on the waiting deck and enjoy the view of a waterfall. The quick jump and waiting deck are stationed right beside one of Hveragerði's beautiful waterfalls, allowing you to enjoy the view before taking the 1km long zipline back down to the bottom. Once at the bottom there are many more amenities, such as mountain bike trails, hot springs, and a quiet cafe for your caffeine fix. We are beyond excited to see the potential behind the operation and looking forward to its success.

potential zipline build in Iceland

California Zipline Build

California is the most populous state in the United States of America. With 39.5 million residents spread across the 1350km long coastline. This area is diverse and brings many tourists to their Mediterranean climate allowing for moderate temperatures year-round. Skyline's newest zipline build in California took place in Santa Barbra, with three new ziplines and one megazipline. In addition to the three new ziplines, a complete treetop challenge course is under construction to provide an exciting interactive experience through the mountains. None of the ziplines attach to or put a cable around the trees. The private property this zipline build took place on prefers to remain unnamed at this time. However, the park will be open to the public in the future.

Californian Ziplining

Japan’s New Mega Zipline Experience.

Japan's culture is like no other. The friendly people, their age-old customs, and delicious seafood are all a part of Japan's charm, that brings so many people to visit. On the island of Hokkaido is a ski town called Niseko, known for its deep snow, steep skiing, and views of the Niseko volcanic range. The views of volcanoes and epic mountains will put the rider in awe as they race down one of the longest ziplines in Asia. The adventure course takes you through the mountains of Niseko with three ziplines reaching speeds up to 90-110 km/h. The one-and-a-half-hour guided tour lets guests experience Japan's largest zipline, a 1.8km mega zipline accessed by a chairlift.

Niseko the location of Japan's largest zipline build.

Legacy Sports Arizona’s Newest Zipline Build

Just outside Phoenix, sits Legacy Sports in Mesa, Arizona. This sports facility is incredible in size, with eight baseball diamonds, 19 basketball courts, 35 soccer fields, 57 indoor volleyball courts, 12 beach volleyball courts, 41 picket ball courts, 22 futsal courts, a gaming lounge, and fitness centers. In addition to the sports center, there is an entertainment district with shopping, music events, and a brand new zipline. The new Skyline Zipline build will give a birds-eye perspective to the surrounding sporting events, allowing day camp participants to break up their busy day of sports. The quick rush of adrenaline for a little over 410ft of cable length will allow a split between sports giving rest to campers and visitors alike. The line attaches to the termination towers provided by the site utilizing our braking system to create the safest ride on the perfect cable tension. The cable sag allows for year-round use in all weather conditions. Building a zipline for Legacy Sports required some precise engineering so the ride could be in a covered outdoor setting, ensuring riders have a comfortable yet thrilling ride between sports that will provide lots of fun.

Zipline building at sports centers.