6 Exciting Mega Zipline Builds by Skyline

Updated: Jan 21

Skyline has been building ziplines and mega ziplines for the past 16 years. In that time, we have constructed 14 mega ziplines, some near historic tram tours, and challenge bridges. We have commenced a mega quest to make the best mega ziplines in the world. Our goal is to maximize the natural beauty of an area with adventure tours and dual racing zips. All while providing the safest, fastest, most efficient product on the market. In building these mega zips, we have gone to some pretty cool places developing some pretty amazing sites. We have put together what we think are the 6 best mega ziplines built by Skyline Ziplines.

Superfly Ziplines In Whistler

Our first-ever zipline build was also our first-ever MegaZip build. Just outside the resort town of Whistler on Cougar Mountain, we constructed a course of four ziplines including three mega zips, all with side-by-side lines for a dual racing zipline experience. This close-to-home project allowed us to experience our backyard like never before, seeing the beautiful sights of Wedge Mountain and the Armchair Traverse from new views and angles. With a 275lbs weight limit, the Superfly ziplines are accessible to many, with off-road tours to start and finish the zipline tour.

Skyline's first Mega Zipline in whistler

Calgary Olympic Parks Mega Zipline

In 2007 the construction of the Monster Zipline at the Calgary Olympic park finished. Through the extensive design process, the Monster zipline became the fastest zipline in the world breaking the Guinness world record (120km/h or 75 mi/h). The zipline takes riders from the top of the iconic Olympic ski jump tower down over a 100m drop reaching speeds over 120km/h, giving a great adrenaline rush. This highly recommended attraction brings riders views of the Bow River and Northwest Calgary. The zipline was the first to be equipped with Skyline’s patented Electro-Magnetic braking system to bring riders to an almost weightless stop at the bottom.

Calgary Olympic park has the fastest Mega Zipline in the world

Moscow Russia's New MegaZip

In 2020 Moscow got their newest MegaZip. A new tourist attraction to help boost their tourism economy. With a great zipline design and premium engineering, the safest zipline experience possible is now available in Russia. The opportunity to go to Russia and build a MegaZipline doesn’t come around often. Here at Skyline, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to construct a new zipline in a culture we had never experienced. We equipped the new mega zipline with our Spring Brake, Spring Brake crash pad, 19mm thick zipline cables, and the skyTECH rocket. The new attraction is a smooth and safe ride.

Moscow Russia is getting a new Mega Zip

Hawaii MegaZip at Kauai Outfitters

When we started working with Kauai Outfitters we set some pretty lofty goals. Our goal was to make the longest mega zipline on Kauai. Long story short, we succeeded in installing the Flyline Kauai Zipline, Kauai’s longest zipline! The mega zipline takes you through jungles over the canopy and beside beautiful waterfalls. The views experienced on this ¾ mile ride are absolutely breathtaking. Take a ride for yourself.

Kauai's biggest mega zipline

Valle de Tena Mega Zipline

In Spain, we had the opportunity to work with Valle de Tena to build Europe's longest and highest zipline. This was a huge undertaking. Our engineers worked hard on the design to ensure the Valle De Tena mega zipline would be safe and as fun as possible. We used the skyTECH twin harness to keep riders safe for the night jumps on full moons and new moons. The unique experience of riding a mega zipline at night can be a mega quest into the exciting valley of Valle de Tena.

Fly Above The Animals at The SanDiego Zoo

At the San Diego Zoo in the United States, there is a unique experience of soaring over the giraffes and rhinos on the Flightline Safari MegaZipline. This mega zipline design and construction took extra care as we had to take measures to ensure we did not disturb the animals during installation and operation. To avoid disturbing the wildlife while riders fly over them; we designed our composite trolly wheels to ensure the quietest ride over the top of the animals giving a bird-like feel when you soar over the safari plains.

San Diego Zoos Mega Zipline