Updated: Jun 25, 2021

zipline over fields

Going forward we at Skyline have recognized an industry wide demand to increase safety and protocols that would mitigate risks and accidents for adventure tourism sites around the world. After being one of the leaders within the industry for over a decade we are continually trying to revolutionize the industry. What has lead us to find continued success has had to do with our patented trolley launcher, trolley catch-block and how our system operates symbiotically. We have recognized a gap within the industry and decided it was about time to incorporate a one stop shop that would allow adventure tourism sites to mitigate risk and incorporate a system that would eliminate the risk of rider injury to zero.

With the adventure tourism industry starting to demand the risk of rider injury be brought to zero, we have developed a new cutting edge system called, Safe Launch. The skyTECH Safe Launch system aims to eliminate all foreseeable operator errors through the integration of a programmable-logistic-control driven safety system. By including multiple mechanical, visual, and electronic safety protocols, this piece of zipline safety equipment will reduce the risk of rider injury to near zero.

There are many direct and indirect benefits that come out of the combined zipline safety equipment technologies that will make this system a reality. The system will increase site revenues by a healthy amount with the inclusion of automated photo capture and sales, digital waivers, and having the entire system enabled by RFID for operational safety and system monitoring.

zipline at sunset

The skyTECH Safe Launch system is partnered with an electric launch system (e-launcher) and electromagnetic gates that will not release until the guests have cleared the landing platform and the brakes have been reset. With regards to our braking system, we have engineered a brake system that automatically resets, brings all guests to one easy and convenient termination point no matter the speed or weight of the guest.


Throughout 2020-2021, the development of the skyTECH Safe Launch system will be continued to bring further unprecedented levels of operational oversight, safety, and efficiency. The next phase of this zipline safety equipment will include client to asset tracking that will bring another level of redundancy into the PLC for launching procedures. This will allow the tracking of equipment usage for a higher level of safety assurance with enhanced maintenance and inspections abilities. Clients will be tracked by their gear through RFID to assure their physical characteristics match the appropriate sizing and weight limits of their assigned gear for their flight. This update is expected to be enabled by the summer of 2021.