Why Sky Surfer Should be Your Next Attraction

Updated: Feb 11

SkySurfer logo

The new attraction, the SkySurfer®, allows riders to fly through destinations, climb hills, descend hills, and ride around corners for an all-encompassing experience. The simulation of a drop-in of a wave can bring back memories of time in the ocean, with the skysurfer attraction rekindling joys from the past. The experience will give a renewed view of the surrounding area bring the neighboring attractions to life. The fully functional multi-vector zipline amusement ride that uses Skyline's patented ride technology can be the next staple business system at your park.

SkySurfer lets you surf around corners

The new SkySurfer® attraction brings the awe-inspiring experience of zip lining around corners. The sensations created while flying over the streets and sidewalks of amusement parks and their beautiful destinations give a great view of the surrounding landscapes. Almost like a hoverboard, riders fly around a circuit providing exciting stomach-dropping accelerations and g forces around corners. Reaching speeds of up to 56km/h, the SkySurfer® provides enough adrenaline for even the biggest adrenaline seekers. The airy feeling you get while standing on the board in the open is like no other zipline experience you have experienced.

Sky surfer going around a corner.

SkySurfer® creates additional revenue with KoolReplay

The option to incorporate an automated video content capture system can create an additional revenue stream with ease. The addition of KoolReplay can not only increase revenue through client purchase of the product, but it can also increase resort visibility and increase your social media presence through story and post tags. These additional benefits to accompany the SkySurfer® also benefits the entire resort giving needed exposure and an additional revenue stream. The automated video system installation can be strategic to capture the best angles of the resort showing off your exciting SkySurfer® ride and the other attractions in the park or recreation area.

SkySurfer® decreases staffing costs

The sky surfer attraction starts and finishes at the same loading point. Riders are loaded and unloaded using the Petzl Falcon full-body harness, requiring only one trained employee to facilitate the experience. This allows vendors to decrease staffing because fewer employees are required to run the SkySurfer® zipline operation safely. The decrease in staffing creates an opportunity to save additional time and money, increasing profit and margins.

SkySurfer loading area.

Increase your throughput rate with SkySurfer®

The SkySurfer’s operating nature allows riders to get on and off at the same termination point, requiring zero organization for the transportation of guests to and from the attraction, eliminating a large overhead cost. Throughput and profitability can be increased tenfold with the ability to run four clients on the lines at a time. The addition of SkySurfer® to your amusement park or attraction is a wise investment.