Skyline Zipline Corporate Structure

Skyline is a sister company of Skyline Global specializing in the financing and branding of Zoom Zipline operations:

Skyline is the 'technical team’. We supply design, engineering, technology, construction, training and inspection support.

Skyline Global / Zoom Ziplines is the ‘business team’. They supply financing, marketing and operation support. They own the intellectual property and sub-contract Zoom Zipline builds to Skyline.

As a team, we deliver the whole package from idea phase to operation phase - a collaboration between the business brains and the technical hands. We bring together a dedicated, professional team committed to building and operating the highest quality eco-adventure experience.

Zipline Partnership Opportunities

Our technology, experience and expertise in conjunction with the right location, offers an exceptional nature based package. Partnership is the fastest and most professional way to bring these exciting eco-activities to your site. We ensure that ventures are culturally and environmentally sensitive as well as economically viable and profitable.

We are routinely approached worldwide by resort chains, ski resorts, outdoor adventure parks, amusement parks, water parks, national parks, zoo’s, youth camps, ranches or private land holders about the possibilities of upgrading current facilities with our technology or to assess the viability of new locations for commercial operations.

Does your development need investors or expert direction? If you’re looking for the safest, most thrilling, longest lasting and most profitable solution, we can confidently say you’ve found it.

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Canada; +1 (604) 905-4149


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