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Youth Camp Zipline Construction

Youth Camp Zipline Construction

Extensive design and engineering expertise have enabled Skyline Ziplines to create some of the most exciting zipline courses in the world. Our projects have enhanced the experience at high-profile locations such as the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California, Grand Canyon Resort in Arizona, and Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours in Florida, but it is our work for youth camps we’re most proud of. At camps across the nation, our technologies are providing infrastructure to add new types of programs while supporting youth development and team building.

The Latest in Zipline Technology

Each zipline obstacle course we design integrates the most advanced technologies and safety features on the market. These include the skyTECH safe launch system with an electronic launch mechanism and magnetic gates plus automated photo capture and RFID monitoring. In addition, we integrate DOSH-approved two-point harnesses, braking systems, trolleys, and launchers. Galvanized steel cables maximize safety while our distributors create a realistic freefall sensation and ensure the utmost safety of riders.

Full-Service Zipline Implementation

From site discovery to design, engineering to fabrication, we can take on projects of any size and scale. Our construction and installation process uses innovative materials, minimizes waste, and accounts for safety at all phases of the process. Safety testing is performed to ensure all systems work properly and that your camp can operate without any concerns for the well-being of youth looking for adventure (Skyline even provides routine safety inspections). We even offer training, support, and operational coaching after installation.

What Our Ziplines Include

  • We can provide zipline youth camps with:
  • Towers and Platforms: We design, engineer, and construct unique towers and decks to launch from as well as set up launch points on roof tops, cliffs, ledges, ski jumps, and waterslides.
  • Challenge Courses: Add an aerial and climbing adventure for campers with climbing walls, which are popular at youth camps as they provide opportunities for new challenges and programs.

Suspension Bridges: A suspension bridge as part of your zipline infrastructure provides a unique way to access a location, especially if there’s limited access to the launch point.

Cost of Zipline Construction For Youth Camps

Each zipline obstacle course installed is unique and every site has specific requirements, so the exact cost of your project is determined by many factors. We’ve installed everything from 40-foot tower systems to giant 10 wide parallel ziplines. Just let us know the size and budget of your zipline project and we will work with you to make it a reality. For more information on our zipline construction services and to schedule a site discovery/assessment, submit a contact request here on our site or call 604-905-4149.

Advanced Camp Package


Design Features

  • 40’ Tower with 450’ Cable
  • Can build up to 80’ Tower with 800’ Cable
  • The tower can be wheelchair accessible
  • The system can be built anywhere as does not rely on topography
  • Tower only utilizes 100 sq ft space
  • Ground landing area only utilizes 600 sq ft space
  • Super safe forward-facing flights & hands-free braking with ZipStop
  • Additional safety feature with total ladder elimination
  • Super fun with speeds reaching 30 MPH
  • Run high camp volumes with parallel lines … Approx 80 Zips / Hour
  • Requires less staff to operate = Cost Reductions

Site Owner Testimonial

“Skyline has provided us a tremendous product that the entire family can enjoy! Kevin designed us the 1st wheelchair accessible zipline. This cutting edge technology allows us to serve individuals from all populations in a more meaningful way! Kids & parents can’t get enough of our dual zip tower. IT’s the ‘jewel’ of our Adventure Campus”.

“Skyline’s ziplines are the perfect program enhancement to organizations that serve high volume. We serve close to 500 children a day & our dual zip has allowed us to serve significantly more Campers on a day in & day out basis.”

“The Skyline Design is a ‘game-changer’ for camps & organizations looking to embrace the energy of high adventure programming while enjoying the increased benefit of not using ladders for a takedown. I am amazed the design could support a 1-mile long zipline!”

– Mike Stevens

Executive Director – Bay View Family YMCA

YMCA of the USA Camping Consultant

Intermediate Camp Package


Design Features

  • 40’ high with 400’ Cable
  • Take-Off deck is built on hillside utilizing 300 sq ft
  • Elevated landing deck utilizes 400 sq ft
  • Can walk under landing deck to access other site activities
  • Super safe hands free braking with ZipStop
  • Additional safety feature with total ladder elimination
  • Super fun free ride system with speeds reaching 30 MPH
  • Run high camp volumes with parallel lines … Approx 50 Zips / Hour

Site Owner Testimonial

“Kevin Smith is truly the best in the business. His vision, experience & professionalism produced an amazing camp zipline”.

“The ZipStop ensures our campers have the safest zip line experience & maximizes the fun! The ZipStop allows our campers to ride the zipline 5 times each in an activity period. With our old zip line we were lucky to get all the campers one turn”.

“SkyRider is the BEST camp activity! Kids LOVE racing each other on the dual zipline & it’s great for campers 1st grade & up!”.

Adam Wallach

Executive Director – Kiwi Country Day Camp

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