Galvanized Steel Zipline Cable

Skyline’s #1 rule is safety ALWAYS comes first. Our ziplines are installed with cables that not only look safe, but feel safe. We are one of the only zipline companies utilizing 7/8” & 3/4" galvanized steel cable... 3x the thickness of conventional zipline systems and the largest used in the industry. This cable size allows for higher loads and tensions for faster lines.

Crucially, skyTECH Rocket use polyurethane wheels which run smoothly with no metal on metal friction. This proven technology increases cable life span from the industry standard 2-5 year cycle to a 10-15 year cycle an increase of up to 500%! skyTECH System also allows for dual line installations, greatly increasing throughput, profit and FUN!

During project development, our engineers analyze cable sag to ensure lines are accurately hung for ultimate safety. Operation costs are minimized as all connections are galvanized steel preventing rust and corrosion.