Zipline Construction & Installation

Once the pre-fabricated zipline system and structures arrive on site, they are assembled by Skyline employed teams. We ensure uncompromised craftsmanship ensuring innovative materials are used in all our zipline installations and course constructions while minimizing our waste and environmental footprint.



Our highest priority during zipline installation and setup is safety. We ensure uncompromised safety during all construction and installation phases. We strive to surpass all industry safety standards for equipment and structures. We have certified engineered stamps and certificated for all site

Project Management 

We plan, track and report during all stages of zipline installation and setup to ensure all projects stay on task, on time and on budget. Our clients receive regular updates to ensure everyone is well informed.

Time Line

We estimate different zipline installation times for each site as each location varies due to the custom nature of each project. We perform safety testing and dry runs to ensure flyer satisfaction prior to the business launching. Experience tell us that once a skyTECH System is installed, it will provide years of heavy duty service in its rigorous environment.


Our custom zipline course construction blends seamlessly into their natural habitat minimizing environmental impact. We utilize minimally invasive zipline setup and installation methods preserving the surrounding land and green space and we do our best to utilize the sites natural resources, local labour, materials and equipment whenever possible. 

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