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ZipStop - Self-Regulating Magnetic Zipline Brake
ZipStop uses a self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking system to brake a range of flyer weights comfortably & reliably at high velocities.

Flight Line - Freefall Device
Flight Line is the next step in the evolution of commercial free fall rides. It provides an exhilarating, true free fall sensation that can be mounted up to 80’ (even more with optional RipCord attachments). It is designed for high throughput & incorporates an advanced magnetic braking technology for a smooth catch at the end of the free fall to offer thrill seekers a one-of-a-kind experience. 


QuickFlight – Freefall Device

QuickFlight freefall device provides an exciting free fall experience with high throughput & low operational costs for ropes courses, zip line towers, family entertainment centers & more. You can choose your device based on your mounting height options & RipCord configuration to increase the free fall distance. 


Quick Jump – Free Fall Device
Quick Jump gives riders a free fall sensation while comfortably lowering them to the ground at a consistent, fun decent. Magnetic braking technology has been adapted to allow the initial rapid decent, giving a true stomach-flipping thrill. Not only is this the most affordable free fall device on the market, it also gives the highest ROI. It retracts quickly & effectively, allowing more throughput with approx. 90 jumps / hour. Within a couple of hours of operation, this unit pays for itself. Fantastic addition to any youth or camp program. Available in 41’ & 65’


TruBlue - Auto Belay System
TruBlue is the next generation of indoor & outdoor climbing wall auto belays. Designed specifically for the climbing industry, TruBlue uses technology superior to prior & current auto belay systems. Available in 24’, 41’ & 65’ as well as the Speed version for speed training & competitive races.


The lightness of construction – playing with free forms, wide span elements & light weight structures: wherever architectural utopias of steel, steel cables, glass, membranes & other polymer materials are developed, PFEIFER Cable Structures is involved in their realisation, making the impossible possible & stretching transparency & distinctiveness to its extreme. In over a thousand visionary projects to date: in sports stadiums, airports, exhibition centres, wide span structures or bridges & wherever a symbiosis of weight-minimised support structures & high-performance envelope structures creates innovative architecture. Skyline engineers rely on the quality of PFEIFER Cable Structures & trust their decades of experience.


Petzl supplies our helmets, ropes, pulleys & carabiners. They are one of the biggest names in the outdoor industry & they have the reputation for making some of the world’s finest sporting, climbing & rescue gear.

Austri Alpin

Austri Alpin supplies our harness carabiners. They are one of the biggest names in the outdoor industry & they have the reputation for making some of the world’s finest sporting, climbing & rescue gear.

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