Zipline Trolleys

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skyTECH Rocket (Extreme Speed)
Seated & Prone Design

The SkyTECH Rocket zipline trolley can reach speeds of up to 75 mph (120 km/h) while still ensuring the comfort and safety of riders. In fact, it’s the highest speed commercial zip line trolley on the market. The only DOSH-approved trolley for ziplines, it is extremely durable and can withstand repeated runs yet maintain a high level of security. Made of 6061 anodized aluminum, the trolley can last about five years before requiring replacement.

Our trolley is designed to work with the skyTECH Twin-Harness, for flights that are forward facing, and the skyTECH Prone Harness for flights that are horizontal and forward facing. Both of these have dual point attachments. These prevent twisting and ensure smooth rides and high-speed braking.



In addition to anodized aluminum, the zipline trolley features stainless steel hardware, including an extremely durable zipline pulley, that tolerates all types of weather. Other design elements include high speed polyurethane sheaves with sealed bearings, which minimizes noise and friction while extending cable life by as much as 500%. Double riveted impact plates can withstand impacts at high velocities. The trolley can be ordered in any color and is available in different wheel sizes to accommodate cables that are ¾” and ⅞” thick.

Designed for Simple Operation

The system easily locks into the skyTECH Launcher for quick flyer setup and release. To engage the skyTECH Spring Brake and/or Zipstop, the unit locks into the skyTECH Catch Block. It is reversible as well, making incorrect installation virtually impossible.

Built for Safety

The SkyTECH Rocket zipline trolley with brake also includes a Secondary Fall arrest attachment point that minimizes upswing during braking. It attaches directly to the skyTECH Twin-Harness. Lateral anchors (on the Seated Rocket) have a wider design so flyers always face forward and are aligned to improve braking safety. Wider vertical anchors (on the Prone Rocket) also ensure flyers are facing forward and are always aligned.

skyTECH Turbine

Able to reach speeds of up to 60 mph (100 km/h), the skyTECH Turbine can tolerate high impact braking, propelling it ahead of traditional Petzl or Robertson zipline trolleys. A two-point connection system allows for efficient loading and unloading, while a principal support carabiner is not needed. Wheels, bearings, and other components can be replaced in the field, simplifying maintenance and reducing operating costs.


​The commercial zip line trolley integrates oversized wheels and twin sealed bearings for a smoother ride. Its flat impact plate locks with the skyTECH Catcher upon landing. The trolley is then safely locked so retrievals aren’t necessary. It works with  the skyTECH Spring Brake and/or Zipstop.


Constructed with 6061 anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware, this zipline trolley operates in any kind of weather and can last for about five years. Standout features include an impact-resistant bumper and a Delrin (Acetal) flat impact plate for reduced friction and increased durability and strength. Loading is simple with the quick connect system, which lets operators quickly align and snap the trolley onto the cable.

The skyTECH Turbine also integrates oversized 1045 Steel Sheaves with dual sealed bearings. Available in multiple sizes, it can fit three cable diameters—3/8", 1/2", and 5/8". The system is designed to resist wear and includes vents for cooling, which also help increase bearing life.


A secondary fall arrest attachment point is included to enhance the safety of the high-end zipline trolley with brake support. The attachment point is designed specifically for the skyTECH Harness.

The product supports a skyTECH Single-Point Harness when it’s used with a single skyTECH Sling. This allows for a free ride flight. If using a skyTECH Twin-Harness, four skyTECH Slings and a Cross Bar can be used to increase speed while adding safety.

skyTECH M8 (Extreme Speed, Braking Trolley)

Seated & Prone Design

The skyTECH M8 is a zipline trolley that represents the most advanced technology available catered to high speed systems with big impacts. The M8 has been engineered for safety, comfort, durability, and FUN!

For the utmost flyer comfort and protection, the skyTECH M8 is paired with skyTECH harnesses.


The trolleys are fabricated with anodized aluminum and have a life expectancy of approximately 5 years. High speed composite material sheaves, with sealed bearings, provide a quiet flight and run without any metal friction - preventing the need for cable replacement.


Design Features


Extremely Robust 6061 Anodized Aluminum Construction

Life Span of Approx. 5 Years 

Anodized, with Stainless Steel hardware for usage in all weather conditions

Impact plates are double riveted to withstand maximum velocity impacts

All are numbered, dated, tested & available in any color.

High Speed Composite Sheaves with Sealed

Provides years of quiet, trouble-free usage

Extremely low wear on cables with no metal-to-metal friction - extends cable life 500%

Multiple sizes to fit 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", & 7/8" Cables

Optimized for Easy Operation

Locks into skyTECH Launcher for safe, rapid flyer setup & release

Locks into skyTECH Catch Block to engage skyTECH Spring Brake & (or) ZipStop

Reversible operation makes it impossible to install incorrectly on line

Enhanced Safety   

  • Secondary fall arrest attachment point for skyTECH Twin Harness Upswing during braking is greatly reduced 

  • Seated Rocket uses widened lateral anchors to keep flyers facing forward & aligned for safe braking/minimal upswing

  • Prone Rocket uses widened vertical anchors to keep flyers facing forward & aligned for safe braking/minimal upswing

  • The M8 trolley has been designed with a frictionless resistance system to achieve slower speeds to cater to rider weights as well as catering to different sites with varying heights.

  • The ‘trim brake’ utilizes Eddy Current Magnetic technology through proprietary modifications to our existing Rocket Trolley & it’s proprietary mag wheels. Operations see a consistent 30% reduction in speed for 235 lb flyers. Each site varies & the magnets can be adjusted to achieve the optimal braking speed for both seated & prone flights.