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Explore the history of our company. Discover what has made us the global leader in zipline construction and enables our team to ensure the success of every project, regardless of its location, size, or scope.

We take habitat responsibilities very seriously. Discover our process to help keep our world a special place. Our company can install a commercial zipline that brings thrills and revenue plus leaves minimal impact on the surrounding land and habitat.

We are always interested in partnering with the right operators on the right sites. Investing in our ziplines enables us to better serve facilities worldwide. Discover our selection process and learn how a joint venture with us can bring oversight that helps from ideation to operation to increased profit. 

About Us


Skyline Ziplines is the world’s leading zipline construction company, having installed over 500,000 feet of cable and developed the groundbreaking skyTECH System. We design and engineer zipline courses, fabricate all components, and handle construction and installation. Our seasoned staff also provide training, operations, and support for clients and partners. 

Dedicated to quality craftsmanship and the highest safety standards, we serve clients in over 22 countries and build our equipment in the USA and Canada. Our first zipline was built at Cougar Mountain Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, in 2005. Since then, our zipline system builders have continued to improve the concept and make faster, higher, longer courses. 

We’ve completed commercial zipline installations at major resorts, youth camps, zoos, safari parks, amusement and water parks, as well as ski resorts and cruise lines. Our planning, design, and construction expertise isn’t limited to ziplines. Our commercial zipline installers also build towers, platforms, and suspension bridges for camps and retreats.

The skyTECH System

We’ve developed numerous innovations allowing riders to safely travel at up to 75 miles per hour, up to 37 stories above the ground, on the ultimate adventure course. Advanced technology allows us to create an exciting zipline tour for any facility.

Our patented technology includes the skyTECH Safe Launch system that automates mechanical and electronic systems to eliminate operator error. It even monitors the entire system using RFID to improve safety. Several durable harness options are also available. These include one of the only DOSH-approved two-point commercial harness that safely brings riders to a stop from high speeds.

The skyTECH Rocket trolley allows for extreme speed zipline thrills. It is the fastest commercial trolley on the market. The skyTECH Turbine allows for high-impact braking at speeds up to 75 miles per hour. Designed for high speed and protection, the skyTECH M8 trolley delivers the utmost comfort when used with skyTECH harnesses. 

Other elements of our system include a DOSH-approved launcher and braking system. But at its core is our ⅞” and ¾” galvanized steel cable that’s 3x thicker than conventional zipline cables. Allowing us to for higher loads and tensions, it can last 10-15 years.


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We help create an outstanding zipline experience through a complete start-to-finish process. From the safest, most advanced products on the market to design, installation, and operational support, Skyline Ziplines is trusted by facilities around the globe. Learn more about what we’ve done and how our zipline construction company can help by calling 604-905-4149.