Zipline Fabrication

Once the designs have been finalized and the engineering specifications has been produced, we begin fabricating the individual parts of the zipline systems. Components are produced to the highest standards in our factories. Skyline handles the quality control before approving of any dispatch of the system before getting sent to the site.

  • Skyline patented zipline course technology is fabricated in Canada & USA

  • Skyline towers & platforms are engineered in Canada & USA (built on site)

  • Skyline equipment & structured surpass ACCT safety standards & have certified engineered stamps

  • Skyline chooses specific products for usage within our equipment because its quality enhances our craftmanship

  • Skyline submits to Canadian Z98 Ropeway Standards, CSA & TSSA Standards providing the safest yet most thrilling, cost effective, longest lasting and profitable solutions currently available on the global zipline market.